like songs on butterfly wings


 I am crowdfunding this project on IndiegogoLife.  This is a combined project of publishing and distributing a very important children’s story, as well as starting a supoort program for the children who’s parents battle with complex mental health issues.

The manuscript presently sits with  Waldorf Publishing in Texas. it is the story of a young girl who learns to empower herself, while her family dynamics change and her mother is hospitalised due to Borderline Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. themes discussed are the observation of her mothers changes in behaviours and how it affects children, understanding what dissociation is at a basic childfriendly language, visiting her mother at a clinic, and how her mother leaves the family and how support people come to help the children be able to visit their mother in her new home( supervised visitation)  the common thread through this story is the use of song by both mother and daughter to help them get stronger and reunite.  

the secondary aspect in communicating with NEA-BPD we are trying to establish self help groups for school aged children so they see they are not alone, and offer support by adults to discuss how they feel about their parents illness. the impact on their roles in the family while their parent is ill and means of communicating their emotions. as well as discussing their understanding that their parents illness is not their fault or the fault of the siblings. some children may have also been witness to domestic violence in the home preceeding their parents illness. it is imperitive to help the younger generation with better coping skills to difficult situations that they do not result in self harmful behaviours like that of their parent. 

there is a generation like myself who are not diagnosed with BPD and or Complex Pot traumatic Stress disorder until later in life. For many women like myself didn’t start developing the disorder until after the birth of a second or third child- thus being the change in hormones with a predisposition of genetics, familydynamics and social history. many of us adults were also lacking information once diagnosed( no pamphlets from drug companies)

thank you for your time and donations 


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